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LMV Automotive Systems manufacturing jobs in Liberty

LIBERTY, Mo. — Automotive component maker LMV Automotive Systems has opened a newly expanded manufacturing facility as well as its Innovation and Training Center in Liberty. The company is investing $90 million in the facilities, which will expand its workforce to about 340 people.

The state-of-the-art training center occupies approximately 2,500 square feet of space in the company’s new Liberty facility, which has doubled in size since last year. The center includes all of the assembly technologies currently in use at LMV, such as robotic spot and MIG welding, and will be used to develop the weld technicians, tooling technicians and maintenance personnel required for LMV’s operations. In addition to offering hands-on experience, the center features classroom and innovation areas where employees can learn the principles and practices of lean manufacturing.

“We are proud to have built a strong partnership with the state of Missouri and the local community to create opportunities for our employees and continue to build the automotive market in Kansas City,” said Andy Hrasky, general manager, LMV Automotive Systems. “Our world-class manufacturing facility, now with its own world-class training center, gives us a competitive advantage and a solid position from which to grow with our customers.”

The training center will also be a focal point in LMV’s new partnership with Northland CAPS, an organization that provides high school students with opportunities to gain exposure and skills related to high-demand/high-skill professions such as engineering, computer software development and advanced manufacturing.

Source: Missouri DED Press Release


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